Theme settings

Colors :

Customize the colors of various elements on the theme(homepage, product pages, blog, and footer ...).

BackgroundUsed for changing the background of the section you can choose between simple background color or gradient color
TypographyUsed for changing the headings and body text color of the section.
Primary buttonUsed for changing the background and text colors of the primary button in the default state and when hovering.
Secondary buttonUsed for changing the background, text and border colors of the secondary button in the default state and when hovering.
AdditionalUsed for changing the (Links, Icons, Deviders and Overlays) colors of the section
Products cardUsed for changing the current, original prices of the product card if it exists
Setting nameDescription
MessagesUsed for changing (background and text) colors of ERROR messages and SUCCESS messages and INFO messages (like Discounts...).