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Product Card

Product Card:

Used to change the style of the product card.

The following table lists the product card settings that you can change:

TitleUsed to change the type of the product title font (Heading/Body) and font weight.
PriceUsed to change the type of the price font (Heading/Body).
Show second image on hoverUsed to display the secondary image of the product when hovering over the product card.
Image HeightUsed to change the product card image ratio.
Zoom image to fill spaceBy anabling this option the product image will the all the image space.
Image RadiusUsed to add radius to the product card image.
Text alignmentUsed to change the product card text alignment: Left/Center/Right.
Show VendorUsed to add the Vendor.
Enable Color SwatchesUsed to display other product variants on the product card.
Selected Variant ColorUsed to change the color of the selected variant border color.